Why choose our 11 + tutors?

1. We are full-time tutors. We spend time preparing your child's tuition programme to ensure the tuition sessions are well structured and tailored to your child's needs. We ensure we use the time during the sessions, in the most efficient way. 

2. We offer a professional and reliable service. As we are a small business, we value our clients choice to use us. Our mission is to be friendly and approachable. You will always be kept informed of your child's progress.

3. We keep up to date with the latest research and information about the 11 plus exams in Gloucestershire and Buckinghamshire.

4. We are not selective as we believe all children can benefit from tuition.

5. We have written and built our own online resources which allow us to monitor and support our students.

6. Our group courses use time efficiently and we do not waste time marking. We have developed our own syllabus to support students of the new CEM 11 +.

About us

Founder and head tutor of 11 Plus Tutoring Academy - Gloucestershire and Buckinghamshire

Philip attended Dr Challoner's Grammar School, Amersham. He experienced the techniques used to succeed, and the hard work which is needed to pass this challenging exam. 

Philip then went on to study at one of the UK's leading universities, the London School of Economics. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and he was a Financial Controller of a large, leading UK Law firm based in London. 

Since then, Philip has been creating and writing a new online resource to support his tuition, as well as researching and collating all information regarding the new 11 plus exam. He is a highly experienced tutor and specialises in all of the core areas of the 11 plus exam: english and verbal reasoning, mathematics, and the non verbal reasoning.

He has designed and produced a programme of online tests which assist children with the new CEM exam. These practice tests encapsulate the wide scope, timings and techniques to support children who will be taking this extremely challenging exam. The children he teaches, very much enjoy using the online resources.

Most recently, Philip has written 4 books for Letts (Harper Collins) including GL 11+ & Durham 11 + CEM Style Exam Papers and a Booster Books. These are available for purchase in WHSmiths, Waterstones and Amazon. These are very popular books and children find them very useful in the final stages of preparation for the exam. Parents feel confident and assured that their children are being taught by a published author, who has a fantastic record of helping thousands of children achieve their potential in gaining a place at the most highly regarded schools in the country.




Laura is a Psychology graduate from Cardiff University and an experienced Specialist Nurse practitioner; with an extensive background in providing nurture and well-being support to children within primary schools. Laura is also an allocated specialist nurse for two grammar schools providing regular therapeutic support and consultation advice to pupils and teaching staff, to enable children to overcome barriers, achieve positive mental well-being and to reach their full potential. The emotional well-being of children is important and it has a huge impact on learning and their ability to achieve. 

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