Buckinghamshire & Gloucestershire 11 Plus Mock Exams 2020

"Exam strategies and practice to ensure pupils can perfect their exam technique!"



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Payment for future mock exams will be available following the June 6th mock exam.

As one of the UK's leading mock exam providers, we are delighted to announce our 2020 Programme of Mock Exams.

-Questions which test a variety of content and skills
-Proven exam strategies provided
-High quality questions, only available to pupils sitting our mock exams
-All mock exams have different content
- 2 x 45 minute exams in every session
-The experience which can make all the difference to your child's final result

Mock exam session includes DETAILED report provided £69
includes your child's rank and scores per section in each exam and detailed breakdown of scores for all topic areas eg: problem solving, numeracy, verbal reasoning, cloze, shuffled sentences, comprehension, synonyms, antonyms,  and non-verbal reasoning by question type). Please note that detailed breakdown will not available for online mock examinations. However, for online mock examinations, parents will be able to keep the mock exam paper, will have instantly marked questions, and as well as an anonymised ranking table, and a chart representing relative score per core area.

Your child will experience :

-Practise dealing with their nerves in an exam environment
-Experience exam conditions (including timed sections)
-Practise improving their response time to audio instructions (except online mocks)
-Identify the areas in which they need to improve their timings and skills
-Practise improving their overall rank and marks by reducing careless mistakes

From the reports you are able to:

- Clearly see where your child ranks vs other pupils taking their 11 plus exam at the same time (data provided anonymously)
- Understand how your child performs in an exam environment (which is often very different to working at home)

    *Places allocated on a first come, first served basis. Reservations are made via the booking form above. Payment is required by card or cash on the day of the mock exam.

    Please note that you will not be supplied with a copy of your child's exam paper.

    Any additional information requested regarding your child's performance, will be charged at our current 1 to 1 hourly rate.

    You are able to cancel your child's place for an exam up to 7 days before the exam date (needs to be cancelled in writing to receive a full refund). 

    All reports will be emailed within 5 days of the exam date.

Important Update

Weekly lessons have switched to online interactive live streamed classes which children are very much enjoying.

All trials now take place via these online classes. Please contact us to arrange a trial - invitation link will be emailed to you.