11 Plus Mock Exams 2022

"Exam strategies and practice to ensure pupils can perfect their exam technique!"


Our programme of 8 mock exams provides valuable exam experience. All exams are scheduled to take place in halls in 2022. All remaining dates are bookable now on this page. Places are secured once booked and paid for. You will instantly receive a confirmation upon booking - please note that there is no separate confirmation email.



Our hall based mock exams take place at The Reddings District and Community Centre in Cheltenham GL51 6RF. They are all on Saturdays with exam start times of 2pm and pick up at 4.30-4.45pm. Parking is available, and there are a few shops nearby (5 minutes walk or so). Toilet facilities will not be available to parents whilst the exam is taking place. 



Please click the add to cart button above to pay for any of the mock exams.


A reminder to all those who have secured a place, will always be emailed out 2 days before the exam, on the Thursday, to all who have paid.


Payment secures the place - there will be no further confirmation.   


Please note that several of the mock exams will typically sell out as we are only able to provide a strictly limited number of places.



As one of the UK's leading mock exam providers, we are delighted to announce our 2022 Programme of Mock Exams.

-Questions which test a variety of content and skills
-Proven exam strategies provided
-High quality questions, only available to pupils sitting our mock exams
-All mock exams have different content
- 2 x 45 minute exams in every session
-The experience which can make all the difference to your child's final result


Your child will experience :

-Practise dealing with their nerves in an exam
-Experience exam conditions (including timed sections)
-Practise improving their response time to audio instructions 
-Identify the areas in which they need to improve their timings and skills
-Practise improving their overall rank and marks by reducing careless mistakes

From the reports you are able to:

- Clearly see where your child ranks vs other pupils taking their 11 plus exam at the same time (data provided anonymously)
- Understand how your child performs in an exam environment (which is often very different to working at home)