11 + Exam Results 

11 Plus Exam Results -October 2017

"Hi Philip,
Hope that you are well
I just wanted to give you the good news that ***** has been ranked in the top 150 for all of our four preferred grammar schools including Pates.
This is indeed excellent news for all of us. You were right in saying that he can do well in the exam.
May I take this opportunity to thank you for all the help and support you provided.
With kindest regards
Dr J


11 Plus Exam Results 2014 - October 2014

" Just to let you know that our daughter has got into the top 120 for Pates/Denmark etc.
We are delighted with the result. She can choose which school she wants 

Thank you once again for the thorough programme you set."

Mr & Mrs D

"My son has passed his 11+ with 133 points.
I can't thank you and your team enough for all your efforts and time you dedicate to these children for them to achieve these amazing results. Credit is due to this amazing academy.
Thank you for everything. We couldn't have done it without you."

Kindest & Warmest Regards,

Mr & Mrs S


" We just wanted to let you know that our son passed his 11+ with a score of 170. He got the highest mark at his school and is feeling very pleased with himself!

Thank you again for your help. "

Mrs W

"Hi Philip,
I got into Pates I am so happy."

Pupil. Ms C

"Great result, and my daughter learnt so much during her sessions with you."

Mrs C

" My daughter did amazingly and came in top 130 out of 1300! We are so so proud! Thank you for your support!"

Kind regards"
Mrs H


"Hi Phil,

Just to let you know my son passed his 11+exam!

My wife and I are delighted and thank you for the focused tutoring - it made all the difference in preparing for the exam."

Mr S

"My son woke up this morning and said 'can you tell Philip'

We are pleased to tell you, that my son passed and we think he will be going to Tommy's .

Thank you both for your part in getting him this far".

Mrs S.

"My daughter got into the top 120 at Denmark Road, Ribston and Stroud High. We are all thrilled with the result and she will be going to Denmark Road. It was what she was aiming for (she's not too keen on boys at the moment!).

Thank you again for the mock tests, l am convinced they were a great help."

Mrs B.

"Just to let you know my daughter got into Pate's! We are in shock at the moment! Thank you for all the tutoring and advice you gave us."

Mrs W.

"My daughter has qualified to Denmark Road, Ribston and Stroud High School.

Thank you very much for your kind advice and help."

Mrs G.

"My son passed his 11 plus and has achieved a place at Marling school.
Thank you very much for your support."

Mrs K

"Hello. We are very proud of my son as he made it for Marling and Crypt. Thank you so much for all your help."

Mrs K

"I thoroughly enjoyed this throughout with the help of the 11+ Tutoring Academy.  This well-put together business inspired me to work to the best of my ability.  Even if it seems hard at the beginning, it will get better - I promise! I felt like stopping at one point in the year, but my tutor helped me through this stage, and I carried on.  

To start off with, Philip (my tutor) introduced himself and started off easily, with not too much homework and do-able sums.  Then you'll build up slowly and during the summer (the most stressful part!) they'll give you lots! But that's what they are there for!

From February onwards, we did numerous mock exams which were quite hard but enjoyable.  This was to help understand the type of test you will be taking and also to try out different methods and techniques.  

When I walked into the exam room, I felt calm and focused - they had taught me not to worry and everything will be fine.  It was as I qualified for Pate's Grammar School  (one of only 4 students from my school to do so over the last 14 years)!  The 11+ Tutoring Academy made this possible.  If you choose the 11+ Tutoring Academy (you should!), you won't regret it!"

Mrs T

"Just a quick note to let you know my daughter's 11 plus result:
Denmark Road - Yes
Ribston Hall - Yes
Stroud - Almost certainly
We are all absolutely delighted.  Many thanks to both of you for your kindness, and especially to Philip for his patience . "

Mr C


"My son has made it to Tommies and Crypt.  He is really really happy.  Many many thanks Philip."

Mrs K

"My daughter got on first allocated for Stroud, Ribston, Denmark Road. "

So thrilled, huge thank you. 

Mrs P

" I thought you'd like to know my daughter's results.  

We've heard from 4 schools - and she has qualified for all including Pate's, HSFG etc

Anyway, we are absolutely thrilled - those early morning have really paid off for her!

Thanks.  Our weekend starts here!".

Mrs T

"My children both gained Grammar school places . Thank you so much"
Mrs W

"My daughter gained a Grammar school place.
She’s a bright cookie and doing well at school but I am very unsure she would have got this far without the practice from the mocks she sat with you. So, from all of us here, many thanks for the help over the last six months. See in three years!"
Mr H

"My daughter has her pick of grammar schools to choose from and is over the moon (as are her mum & dad!)

Thanks so much for all your efforts and support in tutoring - we will definitely be in touch when it is our son's turn!

All the best"

Mr O

"This is just to let you know our son qualified for Tommy Rich's school and Crypt.

Many thanks."

Mrs B

"We are delighted to tell you that our daughter has passed the entrance test for Pate's and is in the top 120.

We would like to thank you both for your help and support in this process. The preparation of the mock test was invaluable in the preparation for the main event.

The quick responses and comprehensive feedback on the tests were also very helpful."

Mr B

"Doing tutoring was so much fun with Philip. He taught me so many new things that I didn't know before, or he would show me how to do it better.

I now feel much more confident in maths and I won't struggle as much in Y6!

I feel so pleased with myself because I have got into three grammar schools and I never thought I could do it!

Thank so much Phil"

Ms W