Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Parents,

Here are some of frequently asked questions.

How do I know my child is right for Grammar School?
It is difficult to balance the aspirations of parents and the abilities of children. We believe all children should be given the opportunity to try for a Grammar school place. We will ask your child to complete our initial assessment and will always provide a fair and honest assessment as to whether we feel this is the correct process for your child. Achieving a place at a Grammar school is also extremely hard work, and we will always provide an honest assessment at the start.

What is the format of the CEM 11 + exam?
The CEM 11 + exam in Buckinghamshire and Gloucestershire consists of 2 x 45 minute verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. Your child should be competent in all of the above areas. Your child should also complete some mock exams from April onwards, to practise exam questions under timed conditions.

When should my child start preparing for the 11 + exam?
Your child can start with us in year 4 or 5. We offer group tuition. We provide pupils with the skills and knowledge needed for success in the 11 Plus exam.


Should my child do mock exams?
Yes. We believe that a real exam situation will provide your child with the capability to deal with the tension on exam day. Children should also experience working to the time pressures of a real exam, as much as possible.

How do I know I will receive a service I am happy with?
You can try us! You are under no obligation to continue with us at any point, as we do not tie parents into long contracts or ask you to pay for a year in advance as some other tutors do.  We would much rather know we are working with clients who are happy with our services. We very much hope that once you have tried us that you will continue with us.

What makes 11 Plus Tutoring Academy different?

As well as providing high quality teaching and resources we also provide specialist professional support for parents and children throughout the course to promote student well-being and resilience.

We are committed to providing a high quality, professional service at all times, coupled with a friendly and approachable service. We want you to feel that you can ask us at any time, about your child's progress.

Warm regards,

Philip and Laura

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