Our most recent testimonials!

Exams - 2022

"We are super delighted to inform you that our son has got the call from all grammar schools ! We will choose to go with Pate’s.

Thanks a million for all your efforts and help guiding him (and us) through this ! It has been strenuous but yes, it has paid off ! "

Mrs S.

"I would like to thank Philip and 11+ tutoring academy for their support and guidance in preparing my son for Gloucestershire grammer schools test. In particular 11+ tutoring academy materials and mocks were brilliant which helped him prepare for the challenge and he came out in flying colours, securing a place in Pate's, Sir Thomas Rich's, Crypt and Marling grammar schools. Thank you Philip and 11+ tutoring academy"

Mr G. Gloucestershire


"Very glad to inform you that my child has been offered a place at Pates and other grammar schools.

Thanks to your inputs and guidance. Immensely grateful!"

Mrs M.


"My daughter is ranked within the top 150 students of Pate's. We are all over the moon. Thank you so much for your help and support in the past year. "

Mrs L.


"I just wanted to say thank you & share a quick note to let you know that you guys (Philip & Laura) do a really good job. My daughter enjoyed every single one of the tuition, test & mocks. She was confident she will pass the 11+ Exam and SHE did! She passed Medway, Gloucestershire & Bexley! I’m glad we decided to sign up with 11Plustutoringacademy….."

Mrs T. Gloucestershire


"I remember little over a year ago when I brought my daughter to 11plustutoringacademy in Bristol for a tester class, as she sat in the car after the class, she sobbed as she could not keep up with the rest of the class. I explained to her that the rest of the class, most anyway, have already been in the class for a year and that they were ready for the exam in about a month's time. Whereas she would be writing the exam the following year and that if she joined the class she could get to the same level or better!

Today I bask in the glory of my decision :) to convince her to continue with the class, now that she has ranked within 150 of all the 4 schools we shared her result with: Pate, Stroud, Crypt and Denmark. 11plustutoringacademy has proven me right and I am ever so grateful!"

Mrs I. Gloucestershire


"Thank you so much for your support with my son. He studied with you last 2 years. He is one of the guy within top 150 rank. His target needs to go to pate’s school. I hope he is fine. You did amazing job with him. Thank you so much."

Mrs R


"My daughter, has been offered a place in Pate’s. Thankyou for your guidance and support."

Mrs N


"My child got into all 4 grammar schools and a big thanks to you for the high quality training provided to them. My wife and I are very happy with the results."

Mrs S D


"Our daughter is ranked within the first 150 in all the Three Girls Grammar School.

"We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you and your team for the Guidance provided during the last year for her being able to achieve this feat.

Mrs K N


"My son has got places in all the schools (in top 150). Your mock really helped to prep him for the actual exam.

Mrs M


"Hope you are well. I wanted to let you know that my son qualified in the top 150 for all boys schools. Thank you for your organised teaching and the mocks. They helped him immensely."

Mrs P


"T C has received her 11plus CEM results and has ranked within the top 150 students securing a place in all the schools we had shared the results with. Thank you for tutoring her and all the support you've provided"

Mrs J S


"Thank you so much for all your teaching and support. I found the course really useful and fun. I love the mocks as they are a lot like the real exam. I also found the tips extremely useful and I used them a lot in the exam. I found the course so fun and helpful that the time just flew by! I wouldn't have been able to have passed the exam without you. A very big thank you!"

Ms Y


"Thank you once again for your help in preparing our child for the exam. You've now helped two of my kids pass which is much appreciated ....and I look forward to enrolling our son onto your year 4 next year! "

Mrs A


"I honestly believe I took my daughter to the best place possible and will be brining the rest of my kids in the future to you. "

Mrs J S



Mock Exams - 2014

"Thank you for the recent mock exam. It was really well organised and professional yet not too intimidating for the children. It was great practice for our son and a great way for us to get a feel for how he is doing. The report you put together was excellent too, thank you.

My son's feedback was that you explained things really well and all the exam tips were very helpful."

Mrs H. Buckinghamshire

Feedback from parents after 2013 11 + Buckinghamshire exam

"My son has taken the 11 plus today (12th September 2013). He said nearly all the vocabulary you went over with him, came up in the exam, so that was a huge help.

Many thanks for all your help. My son said that he really enjoyed you teaching him."

Mrs I. H, Buckinghamshire

Group Tuition for 2015 11 Plus Exam in Gloucestershire and Buckinghamshire - October 2014

“My son really enjoys the tuition. He likes the format and the other pupils. He spends most of Sunday eagerly awaiting his online homework, which he enjoys and has had several attempts at beating his earlier times.”

Mrs S. Buckinghamshire

“My daughter enjoys the sessions. It is really helpful to have the homework emailed through on a Monday morning, thank you. It fits in with school homework which is set later in the week.”

Mrs T, Gloucestershire

1 to 1 Tuition for the Gloucestershire 2015 11 Plus Exam

"Hi, I'm a new student and I really enjoyed my first session of tuition.

I can't wait to see my tutor again, time went by fast when she was tutoring me it didn't feel like 2 hours so I really enjoyed it, it was amazing!"

Ms G, Gloucestershire

Feedback from CEM 11 Plus Exam 2014- September 2014

"Thank you very much for all of your help! My daughter felt confident going into the exam and came out with a massive smile on her face! We couldn't have asked for more.

Thank you once again. We would like to wish you well for the future."

Mrs H, Gloucestershire

"My daughter was not nervous at all on Saturday (at her 11 plus exam) which was a huge benefit and I am sure it is because of the tuition and stepping out of her comfort zone with the weekly sessions. As I mentioned before my daughter is not competing for a grammar school place but I felt the experience and extra tuition will only help her for her  Independent school exams in January.

Thank you again for your help and support."

Mrs R, Gloucestershire

"I would like to say a big thank you for letting my daughter take some of your mock tests. They were a really good learning experience for her and certainly had a positive impact on her approach and calm manner last Saturday."

Mrs B, Gloucestershire

A Very Special Testimonial - June 2014

"We can’t thank you enough for all you have done for our son. You have transformed his ability in Maths and English and raised his confidence in himself significantly. His school prospects have radically changed since you started working with him."

Mrs M. Buckinghamshire 

Group Tuition - May 2014

"I appreciate your support. My daughter really enjoys and benefits from the sessions.

We have just got home from a rugby match, she now needs to do some work from her books!

Thank you again."

Mrs M. Gloucestershire

"My daughter is continuing to enjoy group tuition. She is showing more determination in her learning."

Mrs S. Gloucestershire

Grammar School Places Announced - 3rd March 2014

"We are very pleased to find out that my daughter has been offered a place at the Aylesbury girls school!

She has also recently been offered the opportunity to take the scholarship entrance exam at her school for a reduction in school fees (its only been offered to 3 girls in my daughter's school year!) as she scored the highest mark in her year in a recent maths exam, so it will give us something to think about!

So all in all its been well worth all the hard work she put in & for the great help she had from Philip!"

Mrs G, Buckinghamshire

"Hi, I just wanted to let you know that my son got into Crypt - his first choice. We're all really pleased and wanted to let you know and say thanks again for your help and support with the 11+."

Mrs P, Gloucestershire

"Hello. – as I hoped for my daughter – she got a place at Sir William Borlase, Marlow!"

Mrs L, Buckinghamshire

"The recent mock exam was invaluable experience for my daughter. Thank you"

Mr S. Buckinghamshire

"Thank you for my daughter's report! I have just boiled the kettle and will sit down with a cup of tea and take it all in, but the feedback looks brilliant!"

Mrs H. Gloucestershire

"Thank you for the very informative report. I have excitedly read the report and we are pleased with the results."

Mrs B. Gloucestershire

"Many thanks for the report from the exam yesterday. My daughter found the whole experience very worthwhile and came away with a positive attitude about the morning and general approach to the test, so thank you very much. The breakdown of the scores is very useful."

Mrs B. Gloucestershire

"I'm really pleased with how the tutoring is going, the tutor is working wonders with my daughter. My daughter's confidence in her work is improving week by week. She is working really hard and is determined to do her best. That in itself is well worth the money!"

Mrs T. Buckinghamshire - January 2014 

11 + Tuition - Improvement 

"Our daughter has been attending 11+ sessions with Philip for the past 8 weeks/since mid-September.
She has really benefitted from the thorough tuition, online tests and has especially improved her confidence in all areas of Maths. This has also been noticed by her class teacher at school who is now giving her extension material for homework. Our daughter is delighted as she can see the rewards of hard work and regular practice. So are we!"

Mr D. Gloucestershire - December 2013

"My children have done very well on their CATS. I am sure you have helped to drive this change and I am very thankful. "

Mrs M. Buckinghamshire

11 + Mock exam course for CEM 2013

"We are very happy with the structure of learning, which has been well researched & focused. We are particularly happy with the fact that there is no time wasted with marking and instead of a computer generated explanation you get a detailed explanation by a tutor. This has now given us something to focus on to ensure understanding on the weaker areas. We are very pleased."

Mrs M. G, Buckinghamshire 

"The course has been excellent - we joined at a late stage but it's definitely helped to improve confidence and skills."

Mrs V. W. Buckinghamshire

Our online homework tailored for 1 to 1 students

"The online homework is so beneficial for them, I have noted down so many new words and the questions are such good practice."

Mrs S. L, Buckinghamshire 

11 plus Tuition 

“My child has found his tuition extremely helpful and rewarding. The quality of tuition has exceeded our expectations, and we are very impressed by the overall knowledge of the tutor”

Mrs H.B, Buckinghamshire


"Kathryn has a genuine love and gift for teaching children. Our children are immensely fond of her and respond enthusiastically to her approach for teaching. She is particularly sensitive to their needs and skilfully guides them on the right path ...."

A. Dente

Online Resources and Tests

"I really enjoy 11 Plus Tutoring Academy's online resources. I like the way that I can see the time counting down and I like working on the computer. It is a fun way of practising for my 11 + exam."

Master L. E, Cheltenham

"The online tests were set just at the right time when my son needed motivating and something to boost his confidence. He particularly enjoyed the speed element of the tests which was provided to check how he performs under timed conditions. He also likes doing the online mock exams which 11 Plus Tutoring Academy have designed."

Mrs. S. E, Cheltenham

Intensive Tuition

“The intensive tuition has been very good and beneficial in terms of knowing areas which my son needs help.”

Mrs I. H, Buckinghamshire

“All communications have been great and very professional. The tutor's calm approach is reassuring for students and for us parents. It is very helpful to find areas of weakness to concentrate on.”

Mrs J. L, Buckinghamshire