National Allocation Day 2016- Fantastic Results

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National Allocation Day 2016

We have received wonderful emails from mums and dads sharing fantastic achievements. Well done to all pupils!

“Hi Philip,
My daughter was offered her first choice of HSFG Denmark Rd. It made all that effort worthwhile and she is excited to start the next chapter in her educational path.
Thank you again for your hard work and dedication in the meticulous preparation.
Warm regards”

Mr N, Gloucestershire

“Good Morning,
My daughter has got into Denmark Road, which was her first choice.
We are all very ecstatic. Thank you for all your help and support.
Kind Regards”

Mrs P, Gloucestershire

“Hi Philip and Kathryn
My son got into Chesham Grammar which was our first choice, so very relieved and happy!
We have told lots of people how good you were!
All the best.”

Mrs C, Buckinghamshire

“My daughter got offered a place in Pates. Looking forward to September.
Thank you for all your help. My daughter still talks about her tutoring time fondly, it really lifted her out of the boring ‘rut’ at school.
I just hope the teaching at Pates will be as inspiring.”

Mrs B, Gloucestershire

“Hi Kathryn and Philip,
My daughter has achieved a place at Challoners and I thank you again for everything you did. I tell everyone to work with your academy and wish you all the very best for the future!”

Mrs D, Buckinghamshire

“Hi Kathryn & Philip,
My daughter has been offered a place at Beaconsfield High School. We're delighted.
Thanks very much for everything you both did to help!”

Mr M, Buckinghamshire

“Hi, My son has been offered a place at Dr Challoners Grammer School!
Thank you for all your help getting him through the 11+. We couldn't have done it without you!”

Mrs M, Buckinghamshire

“Hi Kathryn & Philip,
Just to let you know my son was offered a place at our first choice of Dr Challoners.
Thank you once again for all your effort in getting my son there!
Kind regards,”

Mr & Mrs N, Buckinghamshire

“Thank you Philip and Kathryn.
One very happy boy here this morning who will be off to Pate's in September. Thank you for all your support I am sure it helped make his wish come true.
We wish you all the best for the future and keep doing what you do so well.”

Mrs D, Gloucestershire

“Thank you, my son has been offered and accepted RGS
All the best and see you in September with no 2!”

Mrs M, Buckinghamshire

“Dear Phillip,
My daughter had a qualifying score within the PAN for Ribston, Stroud and Gloucester High. She chose Stroud and this was confirmed this morning.
Thank you for all of your help, she felt really well prepared for the exam and she can't wait to start her new school.
Very best wishes.”

Mrs B, Gloucestershire

“Hi Kathryn and Philip,
My daughter has been offered a place at High School for Girls. We are delighted!
Thanks again for your help.”

Mrs P, Gloucestershire

“Hi Kathryn and Philip,
We are so pleased that my son has got a place at Dr Challoners so he will be delighted when I tell him after school!!”

Mrs T, Buckinghamshire

“Thanks do much for all your help and support with getting my son there, we couldn't have done it without you. I'm hoping that we can do the same for my next child can come for tuition with you too?!”

Mrs L, Buckinghamshire

“I am pleased to confirm that my son was offered a place at Sir Thomas Rich's School for September 2016.
I have recommended your services to other parents who have asked about preparing for the test in September 2016. Your feedback, efficiency and, most importantly, your kindness and calm approach with the children was excellent.”

Mr H, Gloucestershire

“Hello Kathryn and Philip,
My daughter was offered her first choice of the High School for Girls, and we're going to accept.
She's very excited!
I'm looking forward to my next child starting with you.”

Mrs S, Gloucestershire

“Hi Philip. Just wanted to let you know that my daughter has been offered Dr C's. She is over the moon.”

Mrs N, Buckinghamshire

“Dear Philip McMahon
My son has been offered Pate’s.
Thank you so much.
Kindest Regards.”

Mrs R, Gloucestershire

“Dear Kathryn and Philip,
Hope you are well.
My son has been offered places at Dr. Challengers Grammar school and RGS.
He's been also offered a place at Eton College.
Kind regards.”

Mrs N, Buckinghamshire

“Hi Kathryn and Philip,
My son was offered a place at The Crypt which we have accepted. It was our first choice so we are all very happy. Thank you again for all of your help and support.
Best wishes.”

Mrs D, Gloucestershire

“Hi Phil,
Thanks for your email and support. My son has got a place at The Crypt.
Thanks again.”

Mrs K, Gloucestershire

“My son has been awarded his place at Marling so we are thrilled! He's so much looking forward to starting in September.
Thanks very much and best wishes to you both.”

Mrs D, Gloucestershire

“Good afternoon, Philip,
I am very happy to tell you that my son has been offered with Pate's Grammar school. Thank you
for you help and support in the whole year.
Best regards.”

Mr & Mrs L, Gloucestershire

“Hello Kathryn & Philip,
Thanks to both of you my daughter is in Denmark Road we are so pleased.
I am telling other parents about you with children who I know are in younger years. Take care.”

Mrs M, Gloucestershire

“Hi Kathryn & Philip
My son is going to Aylesbury Boys' Grammar which is his first choice. We are very happy for him.
A big thank you to both of you for all the hard work/support towards their success.
Best wishes for the next group.”

Kind regards
Mrs U, Buckinghamshire


Important Update

Weekly lessons have switched to online interactive live streamed classes which children are very much enjoying.

All trials now take place via these online classes. Please contact us to arrange a trial - invitation link will be emailed to you.