National Allocation Day 2015 - Great News!

< Back Posted: 04/03/2015

Here are some of the emails we have received, confirming the places our pupils have been offered. Well done to all our pupils of 2014! 

Thank you to mums and dads for the support, effort and time which you devoted to your children! It was all worth the effort! You can now relax!

“Our daughter will be going to Dr Challoners High School (which she is - and we are - delighted about!) Many thanks!”
Mrs L, Buckinghamshire 2015

“I am pleased to inform you that our son has been offered a place at John Hampden Grammar School. And we will be accepting this offer. Thank you once again. Without your help and commitment this would not have been possible.”
Mrs S, Buckinghamshire 2015

“My daughter was offered her place at Pate's this morning - she is totally thrilled (and not just a little bit impressed with herself!), as are we. Thanks for all your help.”
Mrs T, Gloucestershire 2015

“Our daughter has been offered, and we have accepted a place at Pate's! We are thrilled!

Thank you for all your hard work and help on our journey! The mock exams were a huge help in preparing her for the test day! She said that she really enjoyed the test because she knew what would be happening! On test day we dropped off and picked up a happy, smiling girl! We couldn't have asked for more!”

Mrs H, Gloucestershire 2015

"Just to let you know our daughter got her first choice Beaconsfield High, so we are over the moon."
Mrs B, Buckinghamshire 2015

“Our son has got a place at Tommies, we are all so pleased. Thank you so much.”
Mrs K, Gloucestershire 2015

“Our daughter was accepted to Dr Challoners, her first choice! Many thanks.”
Mrs V, Buckinghamshire 2015

"My son has been offered a place for Marling school which he wished to go, so he's very happy. Thank you."
Mrs K, Gloucestershire 2015

“Our son has a place at Dr. Challoners (so all happy at this end.)”
Mr & Mrs H, Buckinghamshire 2015

“Our daughter has been offered a place at High School for Girls, Denmark Road which she is really excited about. Thank you both again for your support.”
Mrs M, Gloucestershire 2015

“Our son has been offered a place at Dr. Challoners and we'll be accepting this, with delight.”
Mrs R, Buckinghamshire 2015