Choosing an 11 Plus Tutor

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How to Choose a Tutor?

It is a big decision whether to use a tutor, and it is important to ask as many questions as you can to find a tutoring company which fits your child's needs exactly. It is also important to ask these questions to know exactly what you are signing up for, what you can expect the tutor to be providing and get a sense of whether they are the type of person / organisation you would like to deal with.

Tutoring organisations vary hugely in their approach, their costs and ethos towards preparing pupils for the 11 plus exam.

As the new CEM exam is a completely different exam in both content and format, tutors need a very different skill set to be able to teach non – verbal reasoning, and Mathematics to the level required for the new exam!

Group or 1 to 1 tuition?

What is the maximum number of pupils in a group?
What happens if my child does not understand a topic?
Does the same tutor always deliver the tuition to the group, for the duration of the course?
Who is the tutor, and what is their experience of the new CEM 11 Plus exam?
Is any time spent in the tuition session marking homework? If so, how much? Does every session include “active tuition” -ie: Will new topics be taught every week?
Do you test whether my child has understood the topics taught in the tuition session?
Will the tutor be reliable?
How often does the tutor go on holiday or miss sessions?

The Content of the Tuition Sessions

Are all resources and lessons targeting the new content of the 11 plus exam?
Are the resources commercially available or have they been prepared by the tutor?

The Tutor

How can the tutor demonstrate that they are able to teach year 5 Maths and beyond?
What is their previous experience of teaching Maths and non verbal reasoning?


Is this supplied?
How much is given?
Who has to mark this?
Is marking done in the lesson?
If so, how much of the lesson will be taken marking the homework?
What happens if my child has struggled with their homework?

Testimonials and Feedback

Can you speak to parents of current pupils who are happy with their tuition?
Will I receive feedback on my child?
How will I receive this feedback?
How often will I receive this feedback?

Contacting the Company

Is there a point of contact at the company with whom I can discuss / email any concerns?


Am I tied into a contract? How long is the contract for?
What happens if my child does not like / want to attend? Will I get a refund for any unused lessons which I have already paid for?
What happens if my child is ill for a session? Will I be charged for this?