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Buckinghamshire changes

Posted: 05/01/2018

From 2018 the exam provider will change from CEM to GL assessment. However, the core areas of assessment remain as verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and numeracy. The teaching syllabus offered by 11plus tutoring academy continues to compliment this new assessment to help people achieve their full potential.

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National Allocation Day 2016- Fantastic Results

Posted: 04/03/2016

National Allocation Day 2016 We have received wonderful emails from mums and dads sharing fantastic achievements. Well done to all pupils! “Hi Philip, My daughter was offered her first choice of HSFG Denmark Rd. It made all that effort worthwhile and she is excited to start the next chapter in her educational path. Thank you again for your hard work and dedication in the meticulous preparation. Warm regards” Mr N, Gloucestershire “Good Morning, My daughter has got into Denmark Road, which was her first choice. We are all

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National Allocation Day 2015 - Great News!

Posted: 04/03/2015

NATIONAL ALLOCATION DAY 2015 Here are some of the emails we have received, confirming the places our pupils have been offered. Well done to all our pupils of 2014!  Thank you to mums and dads for the support, effort and time which you devoted to your children! It was all worth the effort! You can now relax! “Our daughter will be going to Dr Challoners High School (which she is - and we are -

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Posted: 23/12/2014

RESERVE YOUR CHILD'S PLACE FOR TUITION GLOUCESTERSHIRE  & BUCKINGHAMSHIRE CEM 11 + EXAMS 2017 (YEAR 5 COURSES AVAILABLE) and 2018 (YEAR 4 COURSE AVAILABLE) TUITION STARTS SEPTEMBER 2016 You can reserve your child's place by clicking here. Contact us now to secure your child's place. Limited places are available!

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Tip to succeed at the Durham CEM 11 Plus Exam - A Pupil's Perspective!

Posted: 23/10/2014

A pupil's perspective on how to succeed at the Durham CEM 11 Plus Exam On 13th September 2014, I sat the new CEM 11+ exam. With support from 11+ Tutoring Academy, I felt very calm, confident and well prepared, as I walked into the exam room. I chose to sit my exam at Pate's Grammar School, in Cheltenham; I found the environment very calm and nurturing. Surprisingly, the exam wasn’t as difficult as I imagined! This was probably because I was so well prepared by 11+ Tutoring Academy. For nine months (from January 2014), I attended group

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