New CEM Style 11 + Practice Test Papers Available



We are delighted to announce that 11 Plus Tutoring Academy and Letts are in partnership with a new range of resources for the Durham CEM 11 + Exam.

The Results Booster, Test Papers and Mock Exams all have different content, and perfectly complement each other when your child is preparing for the CEM 11 + Exam.

In April 2015 new and up to date Tests Papers for the CEM 11 + Exam will be available.

In June 2015 our Results Booster book will be available.

All books are:

- Applicable for pupils sitting the CEM 11 + exam in all areas of the UK

- Designed for practice at home in the lead up to the 11 + exam

- Essential practice on how to manage the timings of the exams 

To further enhance your child's ability in an exam environment, we run a successful programme of mocks exams.